Release Date: February 6, 2015

Running Time: 2 hours and 7 minutes

Rated PG-13

Grade: B

Written & Directed By: Andy & Lana Wachowski


Mila Kunis as Jupiter Jones

Channing Tatum as Caine Wise

Eddie Redmayne as Balem Abrasax

Sean Bean as Stinger Apini

Douglas Booth as Titus Abrasax

Tuppence Middleton as Kalique Abrasax

Maria Doyle Kennedy as Aleska Jones

James D’Arcy as Maximilian Jones

Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Famulus

It can be difficult for people from underdeveloped worlds to hear that their planet is not the only inhabited planet.

Jupiter Jones lives with her mother’s family and cleans houses for a living. Every morning she wakes up at 4:45am to endure the scrubbing of toilets and envy of the rich people who own them. When her cousin conjures up a plan for Jupiter to sell her eggs for $15,000, Jupiter seeks to purchase a telescope which reminds her of her father with her portion of the money. Unfortunately, as the physician is about to harvest her eggs it becomes clear that the physician and his staff are not human. Luckily, a genetically engineered ex-military half-man/half-wolf by the name of Caine Wise swoops in to rescue her. He has been hired by a member of alien royalty, Titus, to track her DNA across the universe. Unbeknownst to Jupiter, she has the exact DNA as Titus’s mother which is extremely rare but occurred due to the alien seeding of Earth many years ago. As the motives of Titus and his two siblings become more apparent, Jupiter must decide whether she wants to take the path of least resistance (as she has done her entire life) or fight for the ones she loves.

Some lives will always matter more than others….

The Wachowskis’ and their collaborators have brought another extremely entertaining and eclectic adventure fantasy film to the big screen. I was mesmerized by the brilliant and vibrant colors used in every scene almost as much as I was by the spectacular special effects. In the making of Jupiter Ascending, Andy and Lana Wachowski also perfectly cast their unique characters, created a breathtaking universe, and combined the two to deliver a solid action packed film. Using the same imaginative genius as they did with their previous work on The Matrix and Cloud Atlas, the siblings weave a tale of indulgence, greed, and consumption. After assessing the reactions of the audience during my showing, I believe that the young to middle age patrons enjoyed the film the most. I sincerely hope that there is a film to book edition so that I can further immerse myself into the details of this complex story. Go see it!

 Jupiter Ascending is a refreshing and original science fiction tale set in modern times about a girl born under the sign of Leo with the planet Jupiter ascending. I really liked this film. It exceeded my expectations. Douglas Booth was cast perfectly as Titus. Keep an eye out for this young Brit. I expect great things from him. The storyline was a bit complex at times – so pay attention. Two things really stood out in this action adventure and that is the excellent camera work and the vibrant cinematography. I saw the 2D version, but have a feeling this is one that I would not mind paying the additional surcharge to see it in 3D.   The Wachowskis delivered a film that was balanced with great dialogue, plenty of action scenes and some of the most breathtaking imagery on film. Make plans now to see this one on the big screen.

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