Second Sunday at Stetson’s

A monthly concert program at Beluthahatchee

“To stand on the ground that was trod by Stetson Kennedy and Woody Guthrie and to be blessed with the opportunity to perform songs of peace, struggle, and victory in this sacred place is  humbling, thrilling, and awesome all at once. The opportunity to stand on the shoulders of giants in the cause of justice and equality for all is a rare and precious gift. I am blessed beyond imagination,” said Paul Garfinkel at the end of the day of the first Sunday at Stetson’s.

The National Literary Landmark of Beluthahatchee, the home and museum of Stetson Kennedy, will be the venue for a new monthly concert series entitled “Second Sunday’s at Stetson’s.” Beluthahatchee was dedicated as the only National Literary Landmark honoring two writers. Stetson Kennedy’s friend and folksinger Woody Guthrie wrote his autobiography Seeds of Man there. Stetson Kennedy is the author of Palmetto Country, The Florida Slave, Southern ExposureJim Crow Guide to the U.S.A. and many other books.

MUSIC_Paul Garfinkel_2-8BeluthahatcheeThe first concert in the new series will feature award winning singer –songwriter Paul Garfinkel. The performance will be from 2 pm until 4pm on February 8, at Beluthahatchee Park, 1523 State Road 13. Space is limited and reservations are required. Call (904) 434-9876. A $10 donation is recommended.

The park will open at 1 pm with tours of Stetson’s house and museum before and after the concert. Park closes at 5 pm.

Garfinkel was a personal friend of Stetson Kennedy and winner of the “Best new Florida Song contest” at the Will McLean Festival with his song The Creek in 2000. His lyrics often touch on environmental issues and the need to protect Florida’s precious and increasingly scarce natural resources. Many of his songs have won awards.

A talented guitarist in both flat-pick and finger-style playing, his inventive melodies and chord structures create an entertaining, listenable, and pleasing blend of musical styles and traditions. His performances provide variety, and will please the most discerning audience both musically and lyrically.

North Florida Folk Network President Terry Whitehead said, “It is with pride that we present the concert series and feature performers that will embody the spirit of Kennedy’s social and environmental causes. Touring Kennedy’s home and enjoying a listening room concert will be a wonderful option to have on a Sunday afternoon.”

Music and performers for the monthly series “Second Sunday’s at Stetson’s” will be in line with the causes of the Stetson Kennedy Foundation of human rights, social justice, environmental stewardship, and the preservation and growth of folk culture.

The concert series is sponsored by the North Florida Folk Network, the Stetson Kennedy Foundation, and St. John’s County Parks.


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