Feb 8 - Alton Brown Live at Florida Theatre

Diablo Sez: Shows to See in January 2015

Diablo SezEU’s Jack Diablo stays on top of the Jacksonville music scene, so you don’t have to!

Jan 10 – Tomboi ‘Lobos’ Video Premiere w/ Datadiamond at Underbelly Jacksonville’s best (only?) all-girl, all-queer, electronic indie trio are celebrating the release of their new single and music video ‘Lobos’ this month. It’s likely to be the music event of the month and sure to set a high standard for the rest of the year. It’s what you come to expect from what amounts to a supergroup of local musicians and girls who do, in fact, rock. The band features Alex E (Wild Life Society, Ritual Union, Fruit Machine), Paige McMullen (Universal Green, RICE) and Summer Wood (Four Families), three incredibly talented ladies who have joined forces to create something that has quickly become quite unstoppable in just one short year. The video was directed by Keagan Anfuso and honestly has me questioning if it isn’t time for a Jacksonville Music Video Revival revival. It could happen…

Jan 19 – of Montreal, Nedelle Torrrisi at Freebird Live I have a secret confession that may come as a surprise and will likely be unpopular: I’ve never been able to get into of Montreal. I’ve tried (sorta) and feel like I should, but it’s just never spoken to me on that level. I know more than a few people whose tastes I actually respect who feel differently, but for whatever reason, I just can’t seem to get into it. I’ve been told that I saw them once years ago, but for the life of me I can’t even remember attending. The only song of theirs I really recognize is the one from the Outback Steakhouse commercial which isn’t the best endorsement in my book. But don’t let me dissuade you! I’m probably completely wrong, and I accept that. It’s like that article I saw about the poor people in the world who biologically can’t tolerate cilantro.

Jan 20 – Shovels and Rope, Caroline Rose at Ponte Vedra Concert Hall Seems like every time Shovels and Rope come through town, they’re playing a bigger venue. It wasn’t too long ago, they were playing Jack Rabbits, which was a packed out show to be fair, and not long before that when they made an appearance at a pop-up appearance of the Unchained Tour in the empty space that is now The Volstead. The Ponte Vedra Concert Hall is a significant step up for the group and an indicator of their rapid trajectory. While I personally may have lost the ability to tolerate anything folky and old-timey, I know there are plenty who still gobble it up wholesale and I expect each and every one of them, young and old, to be in attendance.

Jan 21 – The Independents, Black Cat Attack at Burro Bar It should be considered no small achievement to have the likes of Joey Ramone as champion and producer of your band’s early work. Such is the honor bestowed upon South Carolina’s horror punk outfit, The Independents, who have been recording, touring and otherwise going strong since 1992. I personally can think of no better place to see them than Jacksonville’s most punk of dive bars where practically anything goes. After all, you can’t very well appreciate a horror punk band in a place that hasn’t already been well-seasoned with blood and sweat, can you?

Jan 25 – Merle Haggard at Florida Theatre Back in the old days, if you wanted to make it in Country Music, you brought your guitar and/or fiddle to Nashville and did your best to get noticed by the big labels who spent decades watering down what Hank and his ilk built in the even earlier days. But sometime in the 60s, a band of outlaws gave Nashville the collective middle finger and began a movement to bring the edge back to that old Country & Western sound. Among them was the legendary Merle Haggard, a Californian by birth, who spent his formative years on the wrong side of the law before rebelling against the polish of Nashville and writing such classics as ‘Okie From Muskogee’ and ‘Mama Tried.’ At the ripe, old age of 77, Haggard is still at it and fighting the system at every opportunity. Lord knows how many more chances you’ll get to see him, so best to take advantage while you can!

Jan 31 – Radio Birds, Fjord Explorer, Gov Club at Burro Bar Atlanta-based Radio Birds return to Jacksonville, bringing their high energy, soulful rock n roll antics to the Burro Bar stage. Counting bands such as The Raconteurs as influences should give you an idea of what to expect, but the group’s sound ranges from bluesy boot-stompers to thoughtful ballads. Sweetening the deal, the show is the first Downtown appearance of the new Fjord Explorer lineup and the debut of some new tunes you won’t want to miss.

Feb 8 – Alton Brown Live at Florida Theatre The ultimate food nerd is making a stop in town as part of the Edible Inevitable Tour, a family-friendly showcase of stand-up comedy, food experimentation, live music and more. Of all the FoodTV personalities, I’ve always respected Brown the most. Sure, he’s a bit quirky, but I always loved learning the science behind cooking and food in general. Watching “Good Eats” as a young person helped demystify the kitchen for me and inspired me to really get into food. This is actually Alton’s first time on the road, so it’s quite an honor that Jacksonville is on the itinerary. Special VIP tickets are available for a pre-show meet & greet or you can take your chances at getting called up on stage as this show is heavy on audience participation. But be wary, things might get messy!

Other Notable Shows

Jan 12 – Author, Wise River, Boysin, Sonnet to Sleep at Jack Rabbits

Jan 13 – Lucinda Williams at Ponte Vedra Concert Hall

Jan 16 – The Both (Aimee Mann, Ted Leo) w/ Laura Jane Grace at Ponte Vedra Concert Hall

Jan 17 – Weekend Atlas Album Release w/ Fjord Explorer, Aurora, Jeremiah Daly at Freebird Live

Jan 18 – Four Year Strong, Comeback Kid at Underbelly

Jan 22 – Meteoreyes, Miss Massive Snowflake at Burro Bar

Jan 25 – Cruel Hand, Angel Du$t, The Bautiful Ones at Burro Bar

Jan 26 – Ringworm, Culture Killer, Rites, Mean Streak at Burro Bar

Jan 31 – Jacksonvegas CD Release w/ Master Radical at Underbelly

Feb 9 – Evan Dando, Sarah Johnston at Jack Rabbits

Feb 11 – Coyote Union, This Fronteir Needs Heroes, Spiral Bound at Jack Rabbits

Feb 12-13 – Lynyrd Skynyrd at Florida Theatre

Feb 14 – Turnstile, Superheaven, Fire & Ice, Freedom at 1904 Music Hall

Feb 16 – Dads, Somos at Jack Rabbits

Feb 21 – Lucero, Ryan Bingham, Twin Forks at Freebird Live

Feb 22 – RL Grime, Djemba Djemba, Tommy Kruise, Sir Charles at Freebird Live

Feb 23 – Jackson Browne at Florida Theatre

Feb 27 – The Doobie Brothers, Marshall Tucker Band at St. Augustine Amphitheatre

Feb 28 – Stick to Your Guns, Amity Affliction, Being as an Ocean at Underbelly

Mar 5 – Loretta Lynn at Florida Theatre

Mar 14 – Elvis Costello at Florida Theatre

Mar 21 – The B-52s at Florida Theatre

Mar 22 – Agnostic Front, Coldside at Burro Bar

Mar 25 – Twin Shadow at Freebird Live

Mar 31 – Swans at Jack Rabbits

May 1 – Wilco at St. Augustine Amphitheatre

May 7 – Neutral Milk Hotel at Ponte Vedra Concert Hall

May 9 – ZZ Top, Jeff Beck at St. Augustine Amphitheatre

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