Rated: PG
Directed by: Will Gluck
Grade: A
118 mins.

Annie is a modern take on an original classic. Of course we all know the story of Annie, an orphan in foster care searching for her parents. Annie who always has a smile on her face and of course who could forget the music; “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” and “ I’m Going To Like It Here,” just to name a few.

Today’s Annie is (break out star Quvenhane Wallis from 12 Years of Slave) more modern, still living in foster care with Miss Hannigan played by the lovely and always funny Cameron Diaz who brings a modern twist to the character. And who could forget Stacks right hand women Grace (played by Rose Byrne from comedies such as The Neighbors and The Internship).

On her way home, Annie is saved from being run over by Mr. Stacks played by Jamie Fox who a billionaire running for Mayor. To raise his points in the polls Stacks makes a deal with Annie, she gets to live with him in his penthouse and he gets all the publicity photos he wants.

Slowly, Stacks falls in love with Annie and wants to adopt her. That is until her parents show up to take her home or are they?

My favorite part of the movie is when Stacks shows Annie where he comes from. It helps you to identify with him more as a regular person than just a billionaire. Throughout the movie you see little modern touches for example the songs have a modern twist and also the ways they use to find Annie.

But even though it’s a modern take on an original classic it stills has the same message which is people can change and love and of course hope. The one thing everyone has that no one can take away from them.

I will at admit at first I was skeptical of this movie but it turned out to be a great family movie that might have you sheading a tear or two or saying you just had something in your eye. So take a chance and go see Annie in theatres Now!

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