Running Time: 105 minutes
Rated PG-13
Directed By: Tim Burton
Christoph Waltz as Walter Keane
Amy Adams as Margaret Keane
Danny Huston as Dick Nolan
Jon Polito as Enrico Banducci
Krysten Ritter as DeAnn
Terence Stamp as John Canaday
Madeleine Arthur as Older Jane
Well, this is all happening mighty quick.
In the 1950’s, Margaret Ulbrich quietly left her husband, Frank, with their daughter Jane. Shortly after, she meets Walter Keane at an outdoor art festival. When Margaret receives a letter from her ex-husband, Frank, seeking custody and stating that she is an unfit mother, Walter proposes. Walter has been unsuccessful as an artist, but has a flair for marketing. One evening during an exhibition, a patron mistakes Walter as the painter of Margaret’s work which makes him feel on top of the world. While Margaret’s paintings become wildly popular, her paintings reveal the sadness that she feels for being in the shadows. For years, Margaret allows Walter to take credit for her work until the consequences of the lie combined with critics’ skepticism drives both of them a little nutty.
So, who is the artist?
 Big Eyes is a welcome sight to the eyes this holiday season. Not only is Tim Burton a long time fan of Keane’s work, but this is Tim Burton’s first film since Beetlejuice that has an original cast and the casting was impeccable. Two-time Oscar Award winning Christoph Waltz renders another flawless performance and five-time Oscar nominated Amy Adams provides an equally stunning portrayal of Margaret Keane as she clearly evolves her role in front of the camera’s eye. Lately, the “based on true stories” films have been very well crafted and Big Eyes joins them in the ranks. The biopic story is cleverly written with an abundance of passionate dialogue. The pacing is very appropriate throughout the 105 minute running time. My experience was also enhanced by the multitude of visually pleasing artwork and a very satisfying ending that made me smile. I highly recommend that you lay eyes on this film!    ~Movie Buffette

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