Fan Experience

When a longtime friend and Steeler fan visited for the game [The Jag-Off, “The Arrow Points Up,” AG Gancarski, Oct. 8], he and I had the opportunity to experience the new “fan experience” at EverBank Field. My friend Mark decided to make the trek from the second row from the field to the go-go lounge at the top of the north end zone to see what all the fuss was about. Ironically enough, there was a Caddy in the parking lot with the license plate “Implants.” There were fine examples of his work in the Clevelander section. When Mark returned he asked me when the elephant parade was going to start. As he and I discussed, neither the Packers nor the Bears nor the Giants nor the Niners nor the Steelers have dancing girls or swimming pools.

They do, however, have over a dozen Super Bowl trophies combined, and, in many cases, waiting lists for season tickets and families who pass their tickets down for generations. For these teams and their fans, it’s all about winning games and championships. Isn’t that what it’s all about? The Jaguars, over their 20-year history, have only gotten worse.

I guess Mr. Kahn has decided that enhanced women in bikinis and swimming pools will take the sting off a perennially losing football team. The late-night talk show hosts and sportswriters thank you for the endless copy.

It looked as if about one-third of the seats were occupied by Steelers fans; keep in mind that at the next home game, those seats will be empty. Will the overpriced drinks in the go-go-go section make up for the lost revenue?

Rick Mansfield


Sure Thing, Pal

Somebody publish this letter.

Saturday, coming east on I-10, I inadvertently missed my turn and ended up going north on I-95. I said, “I’ll just take the Monroe Street cutoff and look over my favorite city.” As I came upon our $350 million courthouse, I looked at the surroundings. Empty, ragged, discolored buildings and torn-up lots, some surrounded by fences, buildings with concertina wire on the roofs. Jacksonville looks like Detroit South. No excuses; city regulations, condemn these buildings and level them, [they’ve] been empty for 10-15 years.

Then I tried to go south on Main Street Bridge; no go. Have to use the Acosta Bridge, a few more blocked streets, up over the bridge, tried for I-95 South. That’s a mess; ended up on Hendricks Avenue. Tried to get on U.S. 1 South, blocked by fences. Right, up two blocks. Down left to U.S. 1 to Philips Highway; it’s also a mess. Finally got home.

No one was Downtown but me. On a Saturday afternoon. Not like it used to be. Even the vagrant bums stay away — no fish to beg from.

Well, I’ve seen Detroit South. What worries me is that we are season ticket holders to the Jacksonville Symphony attractions; how do we get back home to the Southside? If you cross the Main Street Bridge, once over the bridge, U.S. 1 and U.S. 90 are blocked off and you’re routed through unlit backstreets to Philips Highway or maybe you can figure out how to get on I-95. I wish one reporter would try the journey from the Omni parking lot to the Southside, either way.

M.Sgt. Thomas Kaye (Ret.)


Sounds Reasonable

Much discussion on how to get rid of ISIS [Editor’s Note, “The ‘Not Our Problem’ Problem,” Jeffrey C. Billman, Sept. 17]. Easy! They scoff at us killing them — “We shall go to Paradise if you kill us,” etc., etc.

Response: Send thousands of fliers in their dialect saying: “Your book says Allah commands to kill all non-believers. You have failed Allah — now go to your judgment!”

Then nuke them and Mecca and the Kabba. 


Anacharsis Cloots


See Something, Say Something

I think one of the problems is folks in Murray Hill stay inside and just peer out their windows [Fightin’ Words, “Gentrify or Die,” AG Gancarski, Oct. 8]. They hate what the place is coming to but most just stay inside and ignore what is going on. Now, the folks in Ortega and Avondale will drop a dime real quick if anything slightly suspicious goes down or walks down their street. Another problem is those other areas mentioned would not accept HUD in their neighborhoods like Murray Hill has.

Hung Lo, via Facebook