When Louisiana-born-and-bred band Givers were ready to start work on their upcoming album, the group rented a big vacation home on Beech Mountain in Banner Elk, North Carolina.

“We all got together, set up a bunch of gear and started playing through ideas and let it be a very collective kind of thing,” says Taylor Guarisco (vocals/guitar). “Some things on the record date back as far as that first session. We took those ideas and kept working on them, adding new things along the way.”

The indie pop quintet’s sophomore attempt is slated for release early next year, coming four years after their debut full-length, In Light (Glassnote Records, 2011), which earned them a chance to perform their single “Up Up Up” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

“I feel like it’s a good step away from the last record. At the same time, it feels connected to what we are — what we’ve done so far,” Guarisco says, without revealing the new record’s title. “That’s the sound of it. You know, how it feels in the context.”

Formed in Lafayette in 2008, Givers comprises Guarisco, Tiffany Lamson (vocals/percussion), Kirby Campbell (drums/vocals), Josh LeBlanc (bass/guitar) and Nick Stephan (flute/sax/keys). Modern musical comparisons include Vampire Weekend, Neon Indian and Local Natives.
All but one member of Givers went to high school together in Lafayette. And they were all exposed to the regional culture of Cajun, jazz and zydeco (a blend of regional blues and rhythm) music.

“Lafayette definitely has a musical scene. It’s very rich in a lot of different flavors — unique flavors,” says Guarisco. “My senior year of high school, I got asked to join a Cajun group and I just sort of fell in love with everything about it — the groove, the rhythmic elements of the music and how universal they are.”