BROOKLYN health and wellness at Unity Plaza

Unity Plaza: Wellness for Brooklyn Neighborhood

BROOKLYN Unity Plaza SiteNeighborhood Unity Plaza’s Wellness department is spearheading a movement to bring year-round events, as well as daily activities, to address the root cause of our health and wellness concerns. By bringing these personal development resources to the forefront of our community, we hope to help shift the health paradigm from a reactive care model to a more preventative and whole-person focused system. Unity Plaza’s custom-designed programming will feature the best of evidence-based practices in health and wellness, alongside cutting-edge programs that challenge the current perception of possibilities. These are the four pillars we use to design programming:

This pillar includes everything from daily yoga, meditation, and tai chi, to transformational seminars and workshops led by industry luminaries focusing on:
• The Mind-Body Connection
• Cutting-Edge Consciousness Studies
• Personal Development
• Holistic Training Programs
• Heart-Centered Community Engagement

The Healthy Living pillar includes ongoing classes and symposiums addressing important health topics, as well as walk/runs, health fairs, and challenges for individuals, families, and companies. Topics include:
• Nutritional Health & Physical Fitness for Natural Longevity
• Daily Practices for Seniors
• Integrative & Preventative Health Topics
• Work-Life Balance Strategies

This pillar is geared towards expanding awareness about sustainable living and involving the community with local environmental initiatives. Categories of exploration include:
• Ecology / Permaculture
• Sustainable Practices For Everyday Living
• Wilderness / Outdoor Exploration

This pillar centers around nurturing conscious, proactive, and purpose-driven leaders for our community. Programming will provide personal development opportunities that help to expand professional success through engagement with local and global thought-leaders at conferences, seminars and meetup groups. Pillar themes include:
• Conscious Capitalism
• Leading with Purpose
• Emerging Leaders & Catalysts for Change

Stay up-to-date with our development at or contact Jen Jones, Executive Director at [email protected] or Kristi Lee Schatz, Director of Wellness at [email protected].

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