Moyamoya Releases Self-Titled Album

WHAT: moyamoya w/Willie Evans Jr.
WHERE: Rain Dogs
WHEN: October 4th at 9pm
Tickets: $5

The climax to ‘Sorry i called you he-man,’ the opening track of moyamoya’s new self-titled album, is like a conflagrant skyscraper scorching the atmosphere. The song sets a powerful opening to the swirling, sonic ruckus that follows. That’s not to say that the album is scattered, but rather explorative, deliberate at times and sprawling at others. Each of the six songs, while having obvious congruous elements, stand apart from each other, which is not always an easy feat for instrumental bands. The diversified sound takes cues from everything like 90s indie rock with the whirling Polvo-like sounds of ‘Spring guide to fashion’ to the Rush-like opening of ‘Spurgeon-haddix.’

MUSIC_MOYA-7511_CMYKThere is a lot of brute force throughout the album, but it’s tempered with vivacious beats, flowing bass lines, and wickedly smart guitar work, showing three musicians that have successfully melded their varying influences into a passion project. A synthesizer is used with restraint, but fills the songs with a healthy undercurrent of drama when it’s employed.

It’s hard to compare them to other instrumental bands. Growing up in Jacksonville during the 90s, there are a lot of common threads to the local scene of the time. There is a Don Caballero edge at times, Godspeed You Black Emperor!-style compositions with unpredictable, but decided turns, and the punch of Mogwai at others. There is just the right amount of production, opting to capture the live energy of a band whose sound can fill any space, rather than a slick interpretation.

The self-titled album is six tracks running at just over thirty-five minutes and will be available on vinyl by the end of October and released on Fort Lowell Records (FL 13). Moyamoya will be performing songs from the new album live at Raindogs on October 4th with special guest, Willie Evans Jr.

Learn more about moyamoya on their Facebook page at: For further information about the album or booking moyamoya, email [email protected].

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