The Equalizer – Movie Review

The Equalizer represents choice and perception. It represents choice because you have to decide to make the right or wrong choice. But who is to say what is right and wrong? But you know because you can feel when something is not right.

Perception because without being told if you pay attention to the movie you can figure out the little things about the characters without being told and watch as the character do the same.

Robert McCall (Denzel Washington: Training Day and John Q) is a man all about choices. He believes that at any time a person can choose to make the right or wrong choice and decide who they want to be. But life is not black and white, it’s full of gray. Sometimes you have to make the wrong choice to save the ones you love.

The_Equalizer_5The movie the Equalizer starts out pretty normal. Robert McCall is a man who is always there to help a friend out, funny and just seems like a regular guy. He gets up and gets ready for work and goes home. Then he goes to a late night diner always with a book where a girl named Teri (Cloe Moretz: Kick Ass 1and 2) is always there at night eating cake and coffee, while wearing some sort of provocative clothing. Usually alone until McCall walks in and they have a little conversation. Then she leaves and flags down any car that will stop. If you haven’t guessed what Teri does then you will just have to wait until the movie comes out.

During the movie Teri and McCall finally have a real conversation where McCall finds out Teri wants outThe_Equalizer_2of her profession. He then walks her home but they are stopped by Slavi played by David Meunier (Incredible Hulk 2008) who is Teri’ boss. But Slavi makes a mistake of underestimating McCall and who he is. From this point on you start to discover that McCall is not the man who you think he is. He has a mysterious background in which he developed certain skills that allow him to calculate a person’s movement before it even happens. One of my favorite parts is when they zoom into McCall’s face, directly into his eyes and they show him calculating everyone’s movements and weapons right down to the second in slow motion. Then when the action finally happens you see how easily he takes on his opponents.

McCall is a vigilante taking the law into his own hands and giving others the choice to do the right thing or suffer the consequences. This movie is full of action, suspense, corruption and a real thriller that throws in a little comedy. Antoine Fuga does an amazing job as the director bringing realness to the character and allowing them to tell their own story in the movie.

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