In 2005, The Great American Trailer Park Musical — set in Starke, in North Florida, of course — became something of an off-Broadway sensation, a raucous country-rock and blues exploration of adultery, ’80s nostalgia and a broken electric chair (with a hysterical pregnancy thrown in for good measure). Set in the Armadillo Acres trailer park — which had little in the way of armadillos or acres — the musical follows the exploits of a dysfunctional trio of bottle-blonde women called The Girls, as well as the relationship of an Everyman (at least as Everyman as this thing gets) whose marital relationship is threatened by the arrival of the park’s newest tenant, a stripper.

The Great American Trailer Park Christmas Musical is a sequel of sorts, rejoining our trailer park friends as they prepare for a holiday celebration, only to have a Scrooge-like resident named Darlene accidentally get electrocuted by holiday lights, lose her memory, and begin to get a hankerin’ for the redneck in the next trailer over instead of her greedy restaurant-mogul fiancé. There are, naturally, ghosts, a drunken Santa, a magical Christmas tree and lots of holiday songs (though — warning — this isn’t kid-friendly).