In Defense of Angela Corey

I strongly disagree with you [News, “I’m Mad as Hell and I’m Not Going to Take It Anymore,” Derek Kinner, Aug. 6]. Ms. Corey has the right to hold back information and also has the right by law to charge anyone for those records. The State Attorney’s Office has the obligation to protect the privacy of the accused. I would hope if I have records at the State Attorney’s Office that they would do everything to protect my privacy.

It also sounds like Ms. Corey perhaps needs to hire more employees to just copy and release records, which can be very time-consuming. As far as her treatment of juveniles, I think she is trying to show them that crime does not pay and that they should think before they act. — Patricia Freeman

She’s the Worst

First off, thanks for the continuing press on the worst state attorney in the history of this city [“Mad as Hell”], at least the worst since I was old enough to notice and care, now close to half a century. Best I can determine, the same right-wing party-line Republicans that voted Rick Scott into office are responsible for dumping her on us. Anyone who can anger Alan Dershowitz the way she has must be voted out next election. — Bill Conrad

Big Cahunas

I am writing to tell you how impressed I was to read your open letter to State Attorney Angela Corey and to acknowledge the gigantic cahunas necessary to write such a demanding letter to the one person in our community who carries the biggest stick [“Mad as Hell”]. No doubt you will be needing the services of her office again in the future. Good luck.

I am not a journalist with your extensive background about PRRs, but I have in the past had a similar experience where I ran into a situation (with another totally different public agency) where my PRR was stonewalled and postponed and I was charged exorbitant fees. After a heated debate and chasing my tail and eventually going to the top of my political food chain, I was able to correct the excuses, unnecessary delays and inflated and overinflated charges.

I know the Florida statute needs to be cleaned up, but the laws are fairly specific when it comes to PRRs in our community. Fees have to be reasonable.

There is no good reason why any public agency in this country should be less than forthcoming when it comes to PRRs. Thank you for speaking out on behalf of those of us who have no voice. — George Vaughn

Everything That’s Wrong

I am glad they are redrawing the lines [The Flog, “Corrine Brown Has a Sad That She Might Have to Work a Little to be Reelected,” Jeffrey C. Billman, Aug. 1]. I hope someone decent who truly hopes to make a difference for all communities runs against [Brown] and wins! She represents everything that is wrong with our government! And no, race has nothing to do with my opinion of her. — Valerie McConatha, via Facebook

Get the Pork Chops

I am very pleased with the articles in Bite by Bite [Cover Story, Aug. 6], especially the fried chicken [Shan Stumpf]. I am a firefighter with JFRD and have been to Austin’s a lot. Please go back and get the pork chops. THEY ARE THE BEST. I have had and prepared many fried pork chops, and there is no comparison. You may want to try the pineapple cake as well. Also, please tell Dennis Ho to go to Cruisers Grill at the beach for a hamburger.— Chris Younger

Not First-Tier

Jacksonville doesn’t need libraries, nor do poor folks deserve an attorney, but we sure as hell need the largest video screens on earth [The Flog, “Jacksonville City Council Decides Poor People Don’t Need Lawyers After All,” Jeffrey C. Billman, Aug. 11]. Can we please stop wasting time and inches about this city being first-tier? — Neil Armingeon, via Facebook

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