Tina Lifford in “The Circle”

THEATRE_TinaLifford-AlhambraLocation: Alhambra Dinner Theater
Date: August 24th and 25th, Doors at 6pm, dinner served til 7:45pm, Curtain at 8pm
Contact: www.alhambrajax.com, (904)641-1212

Actress, author, playwright, and “inner fitness trainer” Tina Lifford has her hands full with a wonderful life. Lifford grew up in Evanston, Illinois, and became interested in acting in middle school, where she had her first drama class. Lifford was taught at home that there was no real career in acting, and trying to be a practical person, she looked at acting as a hobby and pursued a career in business and journalism. She recalls sitting at a typewriter, facing a blank wall, when she heard a voice that said, “If you don’t try this acting thing, you will be forty and unhappy.” Lifford says that after hearing the voice, she went and picked up a newspaper ad for auditions and upcoming theater events. She auditioned for a show, landed a role and began her career.

Two years later, Lifford began acting professionally, and she has been in the spotlight ever since. Lifford has had major roles in movies such as Blood Work, starring Clint Eastwood; Grand Canyon, starring Danny Glover and Alfre Woodard; Hostage, starring Bruce Willis, and Mandela and De Klerk, starring Sidney Poitier, Michael Caine and a host of others. Lifford is also known for her role on the 1994 comedy-drama series South Central Los Angeles and the hit television series Parenthood, which returns to NBC this fall.

In addition to Lifford’s busy and successful career as an actress, she is also an author, playwright, and an inner fitness trainer. Her work includes The Little Book of BIG LIES and TRUTHS That Set You Free, which contains fourteen real-life stories to uplift and encourage readers on their journey.

Lifford combined many of her passions to come up with The Circle, an original play inspired by interviews with seven courageous women from all walks of life who find friendship and support in one another. Lifford says, “If it feels like it’s time to be more joyous, leaving anger, overwhelming feelings, and hurt behind and putting them in their place, then The Circle is a great start to living the life you want to live everyday.” This uplifting play can be seen at Jacksonville’s Alhambra Dinner Theater on August 24th and 25th. The play is an empowering, life changing experience for the entire family.

You can also check out Lifford’s Inner Fitness Project, which is an inner health and well-being fitness movement. The project deals with relaxation, stress management, breaking habits, and other exciting tips on being healthy from the inside out. For more information, visit www.theinnerfitnessproject.com. Tina Lifford, a bright light filled with passion and positive words of encouragement, shared, “Versatility is an asset. If you can’t be versatile, you will find yourself unhappy when life shifts.” Lifford also says, “When it comes to acting, I am most passionate about telling someone’s truth, in a compelling, truthful way. I take my roles seriously, and it’s an honor for me to represent someone else’s life.” To aspiring artists, actors, and writers she gives this advice: “Be relentless, passionate, and prepared.”
For tickets to The Circle, visit www.alhambrajax.com, and catch the season premiere of Parenthood, Thursday, September 25th at 10pm on NBC. For more information on Tina Lifford visit www.facebook.com/tina.lifford.

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