Jacksonville Jaguars welcome stadium upgrades

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should be aware by now of the big changes recently revealed by the Jacksonville Jaguars franchise. By big changes, I mean huge. Perhaps, even visible from space. As the Jaguars get prepped to take on the Tampa Bay Bucs on August 8th, the biggest news doesn’t focus on the action on the field, but what is going on above it. Team owner Shad Khan unveiled the 60-foot-tall, 362-foot-long mega-screen that will allow fans, as well as drivers heading over the city’s downtown bridges, to view supersized images of every pass and tackle on the field.

Positioned above the north and south end zone of the field, the mammoth screen is illuminated by a staggering 35.5 million LED bulbs. That’s only the half of it. New cabanas and swimming pools were also installed to entice fans to the games. Access to the spas comes with tickets to the spa-side cabanas with plush seating, TVs, and all-inclusive food and beverage packages. The Jags have ten spa-side cabanas that fit fifty people for $250 per person for a single game, including all-you-can-drink wine and beer. There are also fourteen upper-level, all-inclusive “party cabanas” without spa access that fit twenty people with a season price of $150 per ticket. These spaside seats are part of the improvements funded in part by the city of Jacksonville bed tax and a contribution by the Jags as part of a $63 million renovation to the field.

Is this the best way for the league’s top brass to keep fans coming to NFL stadiums? Sure, it’s cheaper to stay home and lambaste the refs from the comfort of your own couch, but let’s face it: whether or not you agree with the cost or the need for such lavish new stadium features, they are the first in the league to embrace such extravagance, thus creating a double-edged sword for the team and its fans. If this works, Khan will be revered as a revolutionary who threw caution (and a boat-ton of cash) to the wind to make absolutely certain everyone could visualize his dream. However those lying in wait to issue the I-Told-You-So’s will have their day in court if the team fails to perform in line with these grand gestures.

According to the SportsBusiness Journal, the team has already sold sixty-five percent of the new cabana tickets. Obviously, these new improvements wouldn’t work in every city. There is little need for a swimming pool for the Minnesota Vikings, but other teams in the league will be paying close attention to the results of this investment. It may not be the best way to get butts in seats, but Khan has proven that he is willing to think outside the box if it brings success to the Jaguars. Plus, for the people watchers, it is almost a guarantee that with those screens, fans at Everbank Field and those pulling armchair quarterback duty at home will get an intimate view of many of the team’s most daring fans. Let’s face it: it’s only a matter of time before that big-ass screen shows some skin.

Everyone may be talking about the Cabana Suites and swimming pools, but that’s not the only new seating options offered for watching the Jaguars at Everbank Stadium this year.

The new Jaguars Field Seats offer a new all-inclusive experience. Enjoy the thrill of Jags football as close as possible. Any closer, you would be in the huddle! Located on the North and South East sides of the field, these seats feature all-inclusive food and beverage (beer, soda, water) options along with premium parking. This set up will set you back about $350 per seat, per game.

The Jaguars Kickoff Club Tables feature private, four-person tables located with some of the best views in the stadium at the top of the 100 level between the 20-yard lines. These seats offer all-inclusive food and beverage service and premium parking and start at $350 per seat, per game.

Single Game Tickets are available starting at $45. The Jags offer everything from 3-Packs and Group Tickets, to varying price ranges of Season Tickets and Touchdown Club & Suites. Visit jaguars.com and take a 3D virtual tour. For more information call 633-2000 or write to [email protected].


2014 Jaguars training camp is open to the public. A total of 13 training camp practice sessions will be open to the public for viewing over the first 20 days including the scrimmage inside EverBank Field on Saturday, August 2. Practice is free to attend, but fans must register at jaguars.com/rsvp and show proof of the rsvp at the entrance before entering.

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Aug 14 8:00pm AT Bears
Aug 22 7:30pm AT Lions
Aug 28 6:00pm Falcons

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