BREW Five Points

BREW_Screen-Shot-2014-08-04BREW Five Points is the newest coffee shop to pop up in increasingly trendy 5 Points, adjacent to Sun-Ray Theater and across the way from Hawkers. The small space which it occupies is cavernous and rather dark in the back area, with a nice and open front area. The decor is uncomplicated, modern, and clean. There is a communal feel to the place, with bar seating and longer tables that encourage patrons to meet and talk to each other. Their menu includes coffee drinks, beer and beer cocktails, artisanal sodas, and toast.

The coffee menu is primarily espresso oriented, with local Bold Bean Sweet Spot espresso featured along with a rotating selection of more exotic brands and varietals. They offer espresso, lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and americanos, as well as cold brew coffee and drip coffee.

In keeping with local standards, BREW also offers an extensive craft beer selection. Although they have craft beer on tap, the primary focus is canned craft beers. Recently, canned beers have begun a rise to prominence as the preferred option for craft brewers due to space, environmental, and preservation considerations. Basically, cans are easier to ship and store, easier to recycle, and they provide superior protection from damaging light incursions that negatively affect the flavor of beer. For these reasons, BREW has chosen to highlight canned beers in their shop. Beer cocktails made with craft beer and a variety of mixers are a fun treat that BREW features as well.

Another fun treat at BREW is the boutique soda. The soda menu includes a number of interesting and eclectic, non-alcoholic bubbly drinks that are great options for those who do not wish to drink alcohol or coffee. The only food that BREW offers at this time is thick slices of artisan toast made with locally sourced bread from Community Loaves that are topped with jams and spreads made by Dig Foods.

Everything about BREW is cutting-edge and cool with an artisanal focus, which makes it a perfect addition to the neighborhood scene.

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