Red Bird Studio

John Rob Holland, known to some as JR, is a well-known dentist and entrepreneur in Jacksonville. Years ago he founded Sally Corporation, the robotic company that went global; developed a new kind of dock, one without planks, rather a “train-track” on pilings that is eco-friendly; captained a classy large boat where friends could cruise the river at sundown; and he even built his own plane, piece by piece in a garage so that he and his lovely wife, Brooks, can take-off and fly up to North Carolina.

Always thinking about gadgets and how to put things together and make something incredible, his latest chapter has brought him to outfitting his garage into a first-class music studio filled with the industry’s premier HD Sony equipment, including state-of-the-art FS and overhead remote cameras on jibs, video equipment, sound boards, and lights that would make a serious musician extremely happy and would be the envy of a Nashville or New York recording executive. Why, do you ask? Because he saw a need for serious musicians, young and old, to have a place to record that is efficient and affordable. He sees another after-hours business developing.

In fact, he’s even taken up drumming. “In the end, it’s all about the experience,” says JR. Whether he’s speaking with his patients about what’s needed and when, mentoring a young musician, or learning how to play the drums himself, life’s been good to JR and his journey continues – this is a new chapter for him, and he’s excited about it because he can give back to the community he loves so much.

Giving back to JR means making the music business affordable to musicians who need a studio and studio services. He offers Red Bird Studio to the musician community as an affordable service to help the local industry grow and prosper. Trained as a dentist and by day known for his “Dr. John’s Music Café” located inside his Ortega Dentistry professional business, at night JR has taken up drumming under the tutelage of famed drummer and musician John Citrone and through his friendship and support by the people at Clark’s Music Center.

Just as he builds important relationships with his patients, he is building relationships with regional musicians, as well as those who might be coming through Jacksonville and might need Red Bird services. He is developing templates musicians can use to make demos, record special songs for the industry or for loved ones, and he is having the time of his life. Terry Bozzio, a former member of Frank Zappa’s band and one of the world’s top drummers, connected with JR, who worked with Clark’s and Citrone to present a private show. JR videotaped the event and Bozzio bought it and put it on his YouTube channel. “Wow, that was a great tribute to what Red Bird can do,” JR said in the interview.

Red Bird projects are uploaded on YouTube, so you can see for yourself what’s coming out of the state-of-the-art studio. Look for Robbin Schene, a local guitar player who couldn’t attend an important wedding, so he sent a video of himself at Red Bird Studio singing a song, which was used by the newly married couple during their nuptial activities. YouTube is the place of choice for Red Bird. If you have an interest in high quality audio and video production that is networked into an affordable product, give Dr. Holland a call at 923 2487. He’ll invite prospective musicians to his dental office to chat about the possibilities. Remember, magic happens in garages. Maybe Red Bird will make us the next Muscle Shoals.

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