The Neighbors – movie review

Neighbors_35Neighbors is a about a new couple Mac (Seth Rogen) and Kelly (Rose Byrne) from the hilarious movies of Knocked Up and Bridesmaids. Now, with a new baby the couple faces what all new parents face. Responsibility!! Meaning when should they let loose and go out and have a good time and when to stay home and take care of the baby and work duties. Now, that is enough to blow anyone’s mind but Mac and Kelly soon find out they have new neighbors and these aren’t just any kind of neighbors, this is a fraternity, Delta Psi to be exact and their mission is to throw the biggest and baddest party in fraternity history. 

Neighbors_23Now of course the frat boys are partying every night and Mac and Kelly have had it. It’s time to take action. So they go over and try to reason with them and be cool and tell them to keep it down while partying with them. But does that stop the Neighbors_16frats from keeping it down? No way! So Kelly and Mac think it is time for some serious action, so they do the unthinkable…they call the cops. Now its an all out war. And each party wants the other to move out. Which causes for a lot of scheming and double crossing on both sides.

But when you look past all the partying and the pranks you see a couple coming to terms with parenthood and even though their wild and crazy days are over they have a pretty good life. The fraternity president (Zac Efron) realizing its not about the parties but that he needs to grow up and step out it the real world.

For me it was pretty funny, but honestly I think they played it up too much with the trailers. But if you like people doing crazy outrageous things that may or may not make you laugh go see this movie. Plus for all of you Zac Efron (Teddy Sanders, fraternity president) fans, you get to see him with his shirt off!!! Now in theaters 

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april, 2022