That five-day, feel-good festival called One Spark is over. Some came to party, some came to network, some came to vote. OK, fine, everyone came to party. Still, there were winners. Not just everyone-gets-a-trophy-for-participating winners, but real winners taking home real five-figure checks. Like, for instance, AquaJax, featured on this publication’s cover last week, which scored the top cash prize through voting, winning the Science category and a total of $13,807. 

Winning isn’t everything, but it’s close. One Spark’s $10,000 bonuses for category victors clearly delineated the haves from the have-nots: Outlaw bluegrass band Grandpa’s Cough Medicine took home more than $11,000 for winning Music, while Dalton Cyr’s Cyrious Exposure finished second and scored only $717. 

The other voting winners were Theatre on a Mission (Art), the Snyder Memorial Building Renovation (Innovation) and (Technology). The green-faced Earthguy proved that you can win $11,000 simply by walking around in a space helmet and a blue blazer.Spirit Dining’s project, 50,000+ Users in One Month (yes, that’s the name), scored the most individual contributions and the biggest payday overall, $21,150 (including a $10,000 bonus). 

Juries also awarded $10,000 checks in each category: Shaun Thurston’s Project Atrium exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville (Art), the Meatrix System Meat Analyzer (Innovation), Jax Beach pop-reggae group Sidereal (Music), Neuroinitiative (Science) and Partpic: Visual Recognition for Replacement Parts (Technology). (Those awards also came with a guaranteed entry and plane ticket to One Spark Berlin in September).

And now, dear readers, we must take you to task: You didn’t vote in sufficient numbers for many of our favorite creators, and we’re very disappointed in you. Really, how do you people sleep at night? 

Burlock & Barrel Distilleries (championed by our editor in his column last week, which you all clearly need to read more closely) scored just $456 — WTF, people? — and that’s not going to buy nearly enough whiskey. Also featured in these pages last week, Shufflebowl 300 took home $363, Emory VR-1 Bicycles won $232, and Black Sheep Bride won $207, because you guys obviously don’t care about our feelings. Boo. 

If you’re wondering, and we know you are, two projects tied for dead last — Electro Drummer Dancer Party and Jammit each attracted three votes, good enough for $4.98 apiece.