Snyder Memorial

One Spark Creator-Snyder Memorial

Within a block of Hemming Plaza you can find books at theMain Library and Chamblin’s Bookmine, and an enormous variety of artworks at the Museum of Contemporary Art, The Art Center Cooperative and Southlight Gallery. What’s missing? One Spark creator Amplify, Inc., seeks to transform the long-unoccupied Snyder Memorial Church at the corner of Laura and Monroe Streets into a temple of music. Their vision calls for practice and training spaces, a recording studio and the main performance space. If Amplify meets their $25,000 goal they intend to earmark those funds into designing a full-on capital campaign to raise enough to renovate and preserve this downtown landmark.

About Rob Middleton

Rob Middleton is an artist and writer working in Jacksonville, Florida -- however if he clicked his heels together three times he'd be happiest to wake up in Barcelona! Rob became addicted to abstract painting while simultaneously studying psychology at Princeton University. His studio is found at 229 N. Hogan Street where he spends every Art Walk. Rob has been contributing to EU since 2011. Vote for Rob's art at WJCT's The Square.