Hogan Street Mural Project

A new display is coming to downtown’s Southlight Gallery for One Spark on April 9th. The gallery on Hogan St. is the product of collaborative works of many local artists. Two murals to be unveiled for the festival include ‘Face to Face’ by Tony Wood which will feature portraits of the gallery’s collaborative members and ‘Clean Water’ by Allison Watson, which promotes natural preservation in Jacksonville.

The Southlight Gallery, since its inception in 2009, has sought to create a stage for local artists and foster cultural enrichment in Jacksonville. Rich in community-focus, the gallery currently offers complimentary tours. Their monthly ‘First Wednesday’ celebration offers art demos, performance pieces, talks, as well as the unveiling of new local art pieces.

While this project will unveil two murals, the Hogan Street Mural Project eventually aims to cover all Skyway pylons on North Hogan Street and has received encouragement from local non-profit organizations including Downtown Vision and Art in Public Places. The Southlight Gallery provides a stage for local artists to sell and promote their work, without taking out gallery commissions.

However, funding goals have not yet been reached to support this project, and in part, for the gallery itself. It mostly runs on volunteer work and contributions, but the gallery owners seek to create a bigger campaign that would better promote local artists as well as reach more serious art patrons and collectors.

Their indiegogo campaign offers promotion to sponsors at select levels through their website, social media and newsletters. Organizers are still hoping for donations and sponsorships. More information can be found through their indiegogo page: www.indiegogo.com/projects/hogan-street-mural-project or contacting the Marketing Director of Southlight Gallery Pam Zambetti ([email protected]).

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