One Spark Creator-Unity Plaza

Unity Plaza will come alive at One Spark! As we establish the beginning stages of Jacksonville’s first, modern-day, large-scale outdoor gathering space programmed with incredible year round events, we invite the community to come and receive a sneak peek of what’s right around the corner. Curated by JAX2025 at the Juice–a Unity Plaza gallery located on the first floor of the Wells Fargo Tower, the Unity Plaza team will showcase the multidisciplinary event programming through live presentations, interactive and stunning visual displays, community participation, and much more.
Unity Plaza, a Life Enhancing Urban & Performance Park set to open Fall 2014 in the rising Jacksonville, FL, riverfront neighborhood known as Brooklyn, will be an inclusive home for our community to learn, share, and flourish together. The park will provide 365 days of entertainment with a purpose to elevate and electrify Jacksonville via experiences centering on: Community Engagement, Education, Environment, Health & Well-Being, Leadership & Business development, Performing Arts, and Visual Arts.
As a not-for-profit 501(c)(3), we will be crowdfunding at One Spark for the kick-off capital required to 1) purchase experience-heightening capital improvements for the park, 2) sponsor nearly 1000+ free events for the citizens of Jacksonville, and 3) hire three essential Program Directors needed to manage and facilitate the concerts and activities in the park.
The One Spark project will also serve as a platform for the community to voice what they want for Jacksonville. As a future home for community advocacy, Unity Plaza will engage the crowds during the five day festival to amplify the many perspectives alive throughout our city.
To get the full scoop on what’s to come, attend the live pitch on the Main Street Stage on Friday April 11th at 4:10 pm or come by the Juice gallery during one of our regularly scheduled presentations to learn about the thought-leading entertainment, education, and health and wellness activities that will connect the community and celebrate Jacksonville’s rich heritage.
Please come out and show your support for Unity Plaza, Project Number 20462, so that we can fulfill our mission to uplift, educate, entertain, and electrify Jacksonville and become the bold and bright nexus of our city’s first, modern day Central park!!

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