One Spark Creator-Norman Studios

Miles from downtown, in Arlington, the interests of culture and historic preservation intersect again in the effort to save Norman Studios. In the 1920s Jacksonville was America’s film capital. Five buildings that were a part of Richard Norman’s studio complex are all that remain of that era. Norman Studios also bears the distinct significance of being one of the first film production companies to feature African American actors in positive, non-stereotypical roles. At The Chrislesleyart Gallery (121 W. Forsyth St. Suite 30B) representatives of the nonprofit organization working to preserve Jacksonville’s film heritage will be on hand spreading the word about Norman Studios and seeking to raise $20,000.

About Rob Middleton

Rob Middleton is an artist and writer working in Jacksonville, Florida -- however if he clicked his heels together three times he'd be happiest to wake up in Barcelona! Rob became addicted to abstract painting while simultaneously studying psychology at Princeton University. His studio is found at 229 N. Hogan Street where he spends every Art Walk. Rob has been contributing to EU since 2011. Vote for Rob's art at WJCT's The Square.

october, 2021