creators at one spark – a transformation

One Spark is in the air and so is TRANSFORMATION! This 5-day, crowdfunding festival may appear to be a capital-raising event on the surface, but it is much more. Underneath looms a powerful movement for personal transformation that is inspiring the next generation of leaders to rise up, dream big, and ‘be the change they seek for the world.’
Have you ever been in the presence of someone who was fully in their bliss and glowing around the edges? It was as if they could take on the world and move mountains through sheer will and determination. This is what One Spark is all about. It is a catalyst for tapping our unrealized potential, challenging us to move beyond our current limitations of fear and doubt. It provides us with a supportive platform to cultivate courage, so we may rise up to become the leaders that we’ve always dreamed of.
This event sparks a fire under our feet that motivates us to take action towards creating the life we truly desire. Living a life of mediocrity is no longer fulfilling to our souls. We crave inspiration, empowerment, freedom, and choice. We seek out opportunities that provide us with hope and allow us to become the master of our domain. Standing on the sidelines and ‘playing it small’ when we are more than capable of achieving great success will only create unnecessary stress and starve us of true happiness.
To take part in One Spark is to stand up, speak out, and show the world your dreams. The buzz around innovation, creativity, and passion is contagious. The long-term systemic impact of this event will reveal itself in time, but it is likely more powerful than we can even begin to imagine. We are empowering our own village to rise up by giving the members a stage to let their voices be heard and their ideas shine.

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