Real and Original

I wanted to thank you for the wonderfully written article about Tambor [The Knife, “Bless Their Little Hearts,” John E. Citrone, March 26]!

Out of all the years of playing instrumental music in Jacksonville with Antarctic and Tambor, we have had very little press. It’s always pop, indie rock and singer-songwriters that seem to get any attention in this town. Because of your understanding of the genre, you were the perfect person to write that article. You highlighted the most important aspects of our group — the songwriting, our influences and our approach, not bullshit like, “What does your name mean? Do you have any funny stories from the road? Blah blah blah.” It’s reassuring to know there is someone promoting and writing about real and original music in Folio Weekly.

Chris Jackson

[Editor’s Note: Jackson is a guitarist and percussionist in Tambor.]

Silly and Gullible

I read your piece today [News, “Save the Whales,” Susan Cooper Eastman, March 26]. You wrote, “The volume of noise produced by the air guns has been described as 100,000 times louder than a jet engine.”

Louder than 100,000 jet engines? Really? You actually believe that? Sounds like someone just made something up out of thin air so silly that only the silly and gullible would believe it.

You bring up valid points of concern when it comes to whales and seismic air-gun testing, but when you write hyperbolic tripe like “louder than 100,000 jet engines,” you quickly lose credibility.

Jeff Karr

Taxes and Homosexuals

Alvin Brown should be embraced by the Tea Party in the next election [Editor’s Note, “On Courage,” Jeffrey C. Billman, March 12]. He hates taxes and homosexuals equally. It’s too bad Brown is black, because if he were white, he would be elected in a landslide. I don’t blame Brown. That’s what politicians do. So he wanted to balance the budget without raising taxes? Big deal. Oh, the poor City Council doesn’t wanna be the bad guy by making the cuts themselves. Boo-hoo! What do they do all day besides complain about the mayor? Have you ever seen a politician campaign on a platform of raising taxes? I haven’t, until now maybe.

First Amendment Rights

Where do I send a check to contribute to Chip Southworth’s defense fund [Editor’s Note, “The Ghost and Us,” Jeffrey C. Billman, March 26]?

Street art gives some visual relief to the ugliness of colossal bridge abutments, highway overpasses and other man-made structures that can be so large as to block out the sun.

The street artist often uses his skills to express an opinion against current government activities. What better way to send a message seen by thousands of motorists on a daily basis? Seems to me that, in this case, the street artist is merely practicing his First Amendment rights.

Imagine if Target and Walmart and other big-box buildings used street art instead of the ugly block lettering and neon signs that that they now use to announces their location. Many first-class cities now embrace the work of street artists; they give these cities their own identities.

Wouldn’t be great if we could turn Jacksonville into Austin East, a truly world-class tourist destination?

Chip, keep up the good work.

Rick Mansfield