Restored Interest

I clipped “On Courage” [Editor’s Note, Jeffrey C. Billman, March 12] because I thought it was so good. Next I enjoyed “The Perpetual Cusp” [News Buzz, March 12] and noticed your name again. It’s been a long while since I picked up a Folio Weekly, but these two articles have restored my interest in the weekly read. I gather you are new to Jacksonville, so I say welcome, and keep up the good work!

Beverly Chapman

Don’t Blink

Welcome to Jacksonv… Sorry about the unfinished name — budget cuts, you know. I read your editorial this week [“On Courage”]. I have to say that your perception of our political/fiscal situation is pretty darn keen, especially for a noob. Keep looking into it, but steel yourself and don’t blink.

Jim Minion

Struck a Nerve

Good morning: Just a quick note to say “welcome to Jax” and to thank you for your spot-on editorial this week [“On Courage”]. It is definitely making the rounds via email, so you have struck a nerve. Thank you.

Audrey Moran

A More Credible Mayor

I found your article [“On Courage”] interesting, seeing that it seems to be the consensus as of late regarding Mayor Brown’s performance. After hearing him speak at two consecutive MLK events, I reached out to his office to advise him on several issues to present himself more credible and at least attempt to revitalize and restore the image of him being worthy for his position. I also advised his new special assistant, former news reporter Angela Spears, to pick up Folio Weekly and take a look at your Editor’s Note as well as show it to Mayor Brown. I advised her to impart to the mayor that if indeed it is his desire to resume his position, changes need to be made. I understand you are new to the city; however, your article was insightful. So I am compelled to ask: in your opinion, do you think there is anything Mayor Brown could do to regain the favorable position he held at the onset of his being elected as mayor? 

Lisa Acker

On Her Tombstone

Thank you for taking the time to look at my artwork and write about it in Folio Weekly [Our Picks, Jan. 1]. I literally looked up in the dictionary each word you linked to my work so I could savor the meanings and synonyms. I will forever keep what you wrote and read it anytime I need encouragement or wonder if anyone “gets” who I am as an artist or what my work is about. Also, I told my family that they may etch your words on my tombstone — not kidding. 

Lisa O’Neil