Where Are They Now?

Good news: Our Water Hogs are doing better! The folks here ranked among the worst 15 water-suckers on our list last year; this year, they’re still in the top 50, which is bad (get it together, guys), but among these five, they used 1.7 million fewer gallons of water in 2013 than they used in 2012. See? Shame works.

Lewis B. Walker
Timuquana Road
2013 water used: 1,155,967 gallons
2012 water used: 1,488,950 gallons
Difference: 332,683-gallon decrease
Walker has been a consistent Water Hog, ranking No. 1 last year, but this year he fell to No. 8.

Jennifer Stewart
Marsh Harbor Drive North
2013 water used: 975,953 gallons
2012 water used: 1,442,122 gallons
Difference: 466,169-gallon decrease
Stewart rose to No. 2 in 2013 from No. 17 in 2012

Virginia Smyrles
Shipwatch Drive
2013 water used: 826,916 gallons
2012 water used: 1,305,905 gallons
Difference: 482,989-gallon decrease
Smyrles dropped from No. 5 in 2012 to No. 47 in 2013

Robert Levy
Courtyards Place West
2013 water used: 1,006,928 gallons
2012 water used: 1,276,888 gallons
Difference: 269,960-gallon decrease
Levy was No. 6 in 2012, dropping to No. 17 in 2013

James H. Milla
Sweetwater Branch Lane
2013 water used: 978,908 gallons
2012 water used: 1,181,952 gallons
Difference: 173,044-gallon decrease
Mills, at No. 9 in 2012, dropped to No. 21 in 2013