Water Hogs: How It Works

Folio Weekly compiles this list using records supplied by JEA on the top 50 water-users — their names, the amount of water used and the amount of the water bills. (You’ll notice that some Water Hogs who use more H2O have lower water usage bills. JEA has never given us a particularly cogent explanation for why this is, other than that it makes adjustments for things like broken pipes and other factors, such as what meter measures what usage.

Some readings were taken from “regular” meters, which we suppose means “household,” and some were from irrigation meters, which of course means how much water — recycled or not — they sprayed on the grass.) We then used records from the property appraisers’ offices in Duval, Nassau and Clay counties for information on each of the properties, including square footage, market value, swimming pools and recent sales.