The Sky Isn’t Falling

The Sky Isn’t Falling
In lockstep with people like Congresswoman Corrine Brown, your opinion on the Michael Dunn case is based in emotion and hyperbole rather than the facts [Editor’s Note, “Some Justice. No Peace,” Jeffrey C. Billman, Feb. 19]. You and writer Susan Cooper Eastman [News, “Witness to the Prosecution,” Feb. 19] share the same slant toward making the shooting about politics and divisiveness.

Let me ask you a question: Of all of the shootings prosecuted in Florida, how many were white-on-black, and how many used the Stand Your Ground defense? I think you probably know.

If you are a young black man, who is more likely to kill you based on your race and appearance? A 40-year-old white man or another young black man? Again, don’t let facts stand in your way.

You refer to Trayvon Martin, that Zimmerman looked at him and saw a criminal. Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch person and saw a suspicious individual walking through the houses at night, wearing a hoodie. First off, could he see Martin was a black man, and if so, does that matter? The fact is, Martin could have been up to no good, and if you listen to the 911 call, Zimmerman is not certain of the race, since Trayvon was covering his head. The Trayvon Martin shooting was a tragedy, but neither of them were angels. Zimmerman had a right in his capacity to challenge Martin, and Martin could have de-escalated the situation, too.

Respect the jury and the process regardless of your bias.

You are incorrect, as is Eastman, to continue to bring up the Stand Your Ground defense. In case you didn’t know, it was not used in either case. I know you don’t like guns and the law as it is, but don’t use a tragedy not related to the law to trash it.

Dunn is an idiot who could have just moved on, and Davis is a youngster who should have turned the music down in respect to an elder. Are you saying an older black man would have not asked him? And would Davis have done the same thing? Was it about race for Davis, too? According the Davis family, and I wish you would respect them, it was not about race. Apparently, you know better.

Objectively, look at the evidence, look at the crime statistics and please calm down and stop complaining that the sky is falling around us. And to be fair, I’d love to read an Editor’s Note on how race and Stand Your Ground matter in the black-on-black murders occurring every week in the Westside and surrounding areas. Where, please, is the same indignation and blame?
— J. Andrew Shlosser

Thank you for your insightful Editor’s Notes of the last few weeks. “Some Justice. No Peace” and “The Fragile Outdoors” [Feb. 19 and 26] were not only very well written but thoughtful, concise and important. Refreshing.
Keep up the good work. Please.
— Lori McAuley