Unity Plaza Update: March 2014

Jacksonville Unity Plaza, Inc. is an under-construction, not-for-profit, urban park, participating in crowd-funding at One Spark to bring this outdoor gathering and entertainment venue to our urban core. The utmost of site amenities and 365 days of electrifying and exciting events with expert managers will maximize the visitor experience. Unity Plaza at 220 Riverside opens in November 2014. Stay tuned for major grand opening festivity announcements.

Originally inspired by our community’s desire for programmed, fun, open-air spaces and the acknowledgement of the need for a centralized park in the Better Jacksonville Plan, Unity Plaza was envisioned in 2005 by long-time Jacksonville advocates Post to Post Links II error: No link found for term slug "NAI Hallmark Partners" and Studio 9 Architecture and executed with the help of the City of Jacksonville.

Becoming a beautiful surprise for the community tucked within a public-private real estate project and pond remodel, its completion in the fall delivers an all-digital campus with state-of-the-art performing arts amphitheater, built-in seating, green-space, public art, healthy and creative gourmet food kiosks, a Northeast Florida botanical garden and much more. Says project visionary, Alex Coley: “I believe real estate in the new millennium will be one of conscious capitalism, where you will do well by doing good.”

This home for local, regional and national talent will also provide 365 days of entertainment for the entire family and Jacksonvillians of all ages. Boasting daily yoga classes, community clubs, education, leadership seminars, 26 festivals, bi-weekly community runs for charity and major concerts, it is being designed for you.

Visit us at our first floor art gallery in the Wells Fargo Tower, curated this year by JCCI — assisting to represent the nine JAX2025 community targets: Arts & Entertainment, Clean & Green City, Diverse & Inclusive, Neighborhoods & Urban Heart, Where People Matter, Exemplary Governance, Hub of Smooth Transportation, Healthiest Community, Excellence in Education and Vibrant Economy. We are also proud to be in partnership with the Schulz Center for Teaching and Leadership’s 50,000-square-foot EdSpark One Spark Project located on the second floor.

For daily updates regarding Unity Plaza’s progress please visit unityplaza.com and follow our tweets, @UnityPlazaJax. Save the date for One Spark 2014 – April 9 – 13 and come out to support local and national ingenuity and rock your votes! Attendance is free and open to the public.

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