Festival Fashions

With music festival season gearing up, get your wardrobe ready with a few quick tips
• Make sure to pack lightly so you don’t have to stress about lugging or storing lots of luggage. Bring pieces in the same color palette, so they will mix with ease.
• Pick one hippie-tastic flowing dress for dancing in the grass. Fringe tank tops that sway with your hips and the wind are highly suggested too!
• Denim cutoffs are a must and can pair with tank tops or bikini tops.
• Protect your silky skin with a big floppy hat and a good sunscreen, preferably containing zinc oxide, but anything is better than none. There is nothing like a bad sunburn to ruin a good time.
• Don’t overly accessorize. You’re going to be sweating in the sun all day, and you want to focus on the music without a bunch of gaudy accessories weighing you down. A druzy crystal necklace and a vintage bronze cuff will go with your entire look.
• You’ll be doing a lot of walking, and while you’ll see plenty in chunky boots or uber fashionable shoes, don’t be that girl. Why not try some sparkly Converse for comfort and cuteness?
• Don’t forget your favorite lip gloss to keep your lips kissable for those late nights under the stars.

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