MeeMeeTV Jax Launches

MeeMeeTV JAX is on the air! MeeMee is a new television station designed to showcase the local creative community. Local musicians, screenwriters, actors and directors can now share their talents, information, documentaries or original artistic content with their hometown.

Not everyone has traditional cable, and some are even turning theirs off. New technology currently standard in all TV sets manufactured after 2010 allows MeeMeeTV Jax as a digital channel with a market reach from St. Augustine to Fernandina to Clay County.

Founders Kathryn McAvoy and Chad Hendricks began this venture to provide an outlet for the great talent in Jacksonville to be showcased. “It’s amazing to me the number of talented people in Jacksonville,” says Kathryn McAvoy. “We really need to support our creative community and encourage them to stay local and share their gifts.”

In addition to the terrestrial channel found at 189.1, content airing on MeeMeeTV Jax may also be available on, an on-demand Internet portal that allows artists to go global, as well as stay local.

All shows are vetted to ensure age appropriateness based on air times. EU is excited to be part of the initial launch, and they will be cross-marketing and preparing live interviews at MeeMeeTV Jax’s studio location behind The Performers Academy (3674 Beach Boulevard).

New TV sets are currently digitally ready to receive MeeMeeTVJax. Just scan for 18.1. (You might need a “rabbit ear.”) Present programming includes short films and local music videos, now played all day on Sundays. Full-length feature films made by local artists are aired in the evening.

McAvoy has worked with the founders of Fashion One, and she is pleased to have Jacksonville as the first launch city. A variety of original programs are now being added, and scripts for a new series and talk shows are currently under review.

MeeMeeTV Jax is hosting The Audition with an open call on March 8 (10 am–6 pm) at the studio. If you have a message or talent, an original piece of performance art or any creative idea you want to share, come on! When submitting content for vetting, be sure to state how it is connected to Jacksonville (people connection, biz connection, video made in Jacksonville connection, etc.).

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