Prison Blues

Norway’s prison system is among the most inmate-friendly on earth, but convicted mass murderer Anders Breivik is still not impressed. Breivik, serving 21 years for the 2011 bomb-and-gun attacks that killed 77 people, may already enjoy amenities unheard of for a comparable U.S. murderer, but he sent wardens 12 demands in November, including an upgrade of his manual typewriter and PlayStation 2 (to a PS3, with better access to game selection). He also demanded his weekly government “allowance” (about $49) be doubled, and said if the “torture” of his living conditions isn’t relieved, he’d be forced into a hunger strike. Breivik threatened a similar strike in 2012, citing “inhumane” conditions such as cold coffee, lack of skin moisturizer and insufficient butter for his bread.