Writing For Real – workshops for authors

SYCWPB1So you think you’re the next J.K. Rawlings? You may well be. It takes a lot of imagination and luck, but the foundation for good writing is knowing the skills necessary. Sharon Cobb is a well-published author and educator from here in Jacksonville and she not only has the skills but also has the communication tools to teach you how. All classes are scheduled for 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. and presented at the University Center, on the UNF campus, 12000 Alumni Dr., Jacksonville, FL 32224. All workshops are $99 and you may call 904-620-4200 to register or go online to register at www.LearnJacksonville.com.

Writing Funny, February 22, and June 7, 2014
Can you learn to write funny? Great comedy writing could be considered a natural gift, but you can certainly learn the craft of comedy writing. This one-day workshop is for beginning and seasoned authors and screenwriters. In this class you’ll get the basics of creating funny characters for and constructing a comic storyline. Also included will be: creating comedy from character opposites, the comedy rule of three, slapstick vs. satire, dark comedy, humorous story construction and more. Most material in this workshop refers to comedy writing for fiction books and films. Writing exercises will be used to demonstrate techniques. Join us to learn how to write funny. It’ll be a hoot! Workshop presented by Sharon Y. Cobb.

How to Publish Your E-book, March 1 and June 21, 2014
Join the e-Revolution. Publish your book yourself! E-books are hot and if you are a writer, you should consider this new path to being a published author. In this workshop you get all you need to know to e-publish your book: the 18 departments of your publishing house; 8 things you must have in your e-book; 8 things you must know about book cover design; the top 3 e-book retailers. You will also learn about: editing your e-book, designing your cover and preparing your manuscript for e-book distribution. You also get an invaluable e-publishing checklist. It’s time to take control of your writing career. Become an e-author now. Workshop presented by Sharon Y. Cobb.

Marketing Your Books, March 8 and July 26, 2014
Whether your books are traditionally published, self-published or e-published, to sell your books, you must market your books. This one-day workshop will give you all the tools needed to promote your books, starting with branding and a marketing plan. As we develop the marketing plan, we will cover new media, traditional media, local media and national media. Learn to write and distribute a news release. Discover your “author platform,” how to optimize your Internet presence and get resources for publishing your own paperback book economically. Discuss book signings for authors who have “tree books” to sell. It’s not enough to write a great book: to be a successful author you must learn to effectively market your book. Workshop presented by Sharon Y. Cobb.

Blogging for Business and Pleasure, April 12 and August 2, 2014
Do you have a passion and are eager to broadcast it to the world? Do you have a business that could use a boost from Internet marketing? Blogging may be your thing. A blog is a free, easy, “do-it-yourself” website where you may write about anything you please. In this workshop we will give you all the basics of blogging using WordPress.com online software: choosing your blog subject, finding the right website host for your blog, finding readers and adding an Amazon store to your blog to sell cool stuff. You’ll learn the 5 secrets to writing great posts; the 5 types of posts to use; the 6 essentials to maintaining a successful blog; 3 strategies to a higher search rank for your blog. We’ll also show you how to: put videos from YouTube and other sites on your blog, choose the right keywords to attract readers and maintain a vibrant schedule of posts to keep your blog interesting. Your blogging possibilities are endless. Note: Laptops are not required to participant in this workshop. Students will not build blogs during the workshop due to time constraints. A detailed workbook used during the class will guide students in creating their own blogs after the workshop. Workshop presented by Sharon Y. Cobb

Crash Course in Screenwriting, May 10, 2014
This is an action-packed day for beginning screenwriters. You will be introduced to the three-act structure, basics of creating movie characters, film stories and plot construction. You’ll also learn how to write a logline, synopsis and beat sheet. Get ready to kick-start your screenwriting career in this buckle-your-seatbelt introductory workshop. Your instructor is a professional screenwriter who is a member of the Writers Guild of America. She has sold pitches and scripts to studios and had films produced. Alice in Wonderland (2010), directed by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp, will be used as a teaching example in the workshop and students are encouraged to view the film before the class, although it is not a requirement. Workshop presented by Sharon Y. Cobb.

Intermediate Course in Screenwriting, May 17, 2014
Do you already know the basics of screenwriting but need more? This one-day workshop is for you. We explore six areas of the screenwriting craft essential to writing successful scripts. One: Alternative storytelling in screenplays and working outside of the common three-act structure. Two: Creating real characters through a powerful class writing exercise. Three: Getting emotion on the page so readers will care about your characters. Four: Writing authentic dialog. Five: Creating conflict and raising the stakes to increase dramatic tension in your stories. Six: Developing compelling scenes that move the story forward and build characters. This workshop is recommended for students who have either completed the Crash Course in Screenwriting Workshop or have completed at least one screenplay. Workshop presented by Sharon Y. Cobb.

How To Sell Your Books and Scripts to Hollywood, July 12, 2014
Hollywood is looking for books and scripts to buy. In this one-day workshop, learn what sold to film producers and studios in 2013, where to find information about contacting producers and how to get your books and scripts directly to them without agency representation. Discover how to choose production companies that most likely want to read your scripts and with whom to speak at the selected companies. Explore websites used by professional Hollywood writers to keep up with what’s selling in Hollywood. Find out what happens when a producer wants to option or buy your scripts. This workshop is a must for writers who want to see their stories on the big screen. Workshop presented by Sharon Y. Cobb.

YouTube for Business and Pleasure, August 9, 2014
Whether you want to learn how to set up your own YouTube channel to share your favorite videos with friends and the world, or create your own worldwide platform to broadcast videos or short films you’ve produced, this workshop is for you. Also YouTube is the perfect platform for your business’s videos featuring services and products. This workshop includes: 3 things you must know about channel names; 5 important things to include in your YouTube profile; 5 secrets to creating great videos. You’ll find out how to upload your videos to your YouTube channel and automatically share with your other social media accounts. Learn how to enhance your Internet marketing push with YouTube, how to attract an audience and how to make a lot of money on YouTube. This workshop is for individuals and business owners or managers. Workshop presented by Sharon Y. Cobb.