by P.J. Fenton
James Durbin captivated the crowd as he took the stage Friday night, January 17th 2014 , at Brewsters Megaplex.
Singing songs such as, ‘Right Behind You,’ ‘We are one,’ ‘All I want,’ and ‘Louder than a loaded gun,’ he engaged the audience to join in and sing along. His high energy, engaging personality, and hand written melodies captured the crowd’s attention from beginning to end. As the fans danced and tapped their feet to the music, Durbin’s face portrayed his love for his music, his career, and his fans. The power that drew the audience in as Durbin took the stage only got more powerful when he was left on stage alone to sing and play acoustically to the crowd.
Born and raised in Santa Cruz, California, Durbin has had a life filled with theater and musical arts. In 2006, Durbin became publicly active by performing in multiple bands and plays until his rise to fame on American Idol, where he placed 4th in the 10th season.
As well as singing and acting James Durbin participated in a documentary, Different is the New Normal, that focuses on the difficulties as a teen trying to overcome Tourette Syndrome. After losing his father at the age of 9 and being diagnosed with Tourette and Asberger Syndrome shortly afterwards, Durbin went to MusicSchool, a school run by Dale Ockerman, instead of a traditional school. MusicSchool is where he learned of his love for the musical arts and was taught how to go about making his musical dreams come to life.
Durbin’s music is influenced by bands such as ‘Thirty seconds to Mars’, Judas Priest, Metallica, My Chemical Romance, and Dream Theater. He’s known for giving metal a chance in season 10 of American Idol. Even though Durbin is known for his metal music, he adds catchy melodies, sing along lyrics and pop hooks to his songs that make them solely unique. At first, hearing Durbins music seems to be taking a step out of the normal but, for him, the music is who he is and where his life has led him and where it will take him in the future. Durbins difficulties in his earlier life and his subsequent rise to stardom has given fans across the country the confidence they need to chase their own dreams.
The world may have been introduced to James Durbin in American Idol, but since his elimination he has truly come into his own as an artist that still has a few tricks and surprises up his sleeves for his fans.