JCCI Moves into Bold New Space at WJCT

by Joanelle Mulrain
JCCI (Jacksonville Community Council, Inc.) has relocated from the St. Nicholas area to an office suite at WJCT (100 Festival Park) by EverBank Stadium on the St. Johns River. It’s world renowned in that it boasts the longest-running community Quality of Life Indicator Report in the world. This report has put the Jacksonville non-profit on the desks of stewards and leaders of Fortune 500 and Forbes companies, as well as many Jacksonville-based forward-thinking and progressive institutions. JCCI is a local and international resource for its best-practice example used by visionaries who know the future demands excellence in business practice and act to make positive change.

“This new year and new move could not have come at a better time for both us and Jacksonville. We’re an action-based organization, and our new space at WJCT will allow us to work both harder and smarter, which, with JAX2025 taking off and our Mental Health inquiry set to begin, is incredibly exciting and full of promise,” says President & CEO Ben Warner

The goal of JCCI is to bring people together to learn about their community, engage in problem-solving, and act to make a positive image. A community and media reception was held on January 16th at the new office site, which included the official release of the implementation report for ‘Recession Recovery…and Beyond JCCI Inquiry”. Organization “inquiries’ require a one-year community inquiry team examining the issue followed by two years of an implementation team working to effect change through recommendations finalized in the first year. Teams are 100% volunteer, as their hard work is significant focused on building a better community.

“Our new space comes with both a brand refresh and a new website; both created with the 21st century citizen in mind. JCCI’s importance as an organization is proven by long-lasting impact in our area, and we know that in order to continue that high level of impact we must adapt to and grow with the city we serve. It’s an amazing time to be working on social change and civic engagement in Jacksonville – the city is on fire!” says Daniel Austin, Communications Manager.

Warner also announced three new additions to his staff team, who are Aschelle Morgan, Community Planner; Chandra Mitchell, Executive Development Coordinator; and Luke Weidner, Communications Coordinator.