Armed & Clumsy (all-new!)

Americans who accidentally shot themselves recently: A 31-year-old man, showing off his high-powered rifle to friends, shot off part of his face, Waterville, Maine, November. A 22-year-old woman, handing her brand-new assault rifle to her husband, shot herself fatally in the head, Federal Heights, Colo., May. Two police chiefs shot themselves, Medina, Ohio, in April and Washington, N.H., in June. A 66-year-old firearms instructor, Winona, Minn., shot his finger while telling his wife it was impossible to pull the trigger while the gun was holstered, April. Awkward Wounds: A Columbia, Mo., man shot in the “posterior” while removing his gun from his back pocket, May; a 23-year-old man, Charleston, W.Va., shot in the groin while holstering his weapon, August; a 43-year-old man, Norfolk, Va., shot in the groin while waving his gun at a speeding driver, August.