Slander, Solar, Fla. and Meester’s Mediocrity

Slander! (But Not Really)

There is a huge, huge error in Susan Eastman’s story on N.B. Forrest. Eastman states on page 14 that Forrest was pardoned by President Andrew Johnson. Forrest was never charged or tried. To say Forrest was pardoned implies that he was charged, tried and convicted. Forrest was never even charged with any crimes associated with Fort Pillow or the KKK. It may have been an honest mistake, but it is a huge mistake. I am not sure, but if Forrest were alive today, he probably would have the right to sue for slander. Now that the School Board is going to change the name, I want to know what are we not spending $400,000 on so we can spend $400,000 to change the name of Forrest High?

— Todd Thompson

Ed. note: Sorry, Todd, but we’re right on this one. Jackson issued a pardon to Forrest on July 17, 1868 — you can see the actual document on the website of the Tennessee Virtual Archive — as part of an effort to curry favor with the South in an election year. Forrest was one of a number of prominent Confederates who applied for amnesty for taking up arms against their government. Forrest told Jackson that granting him a pardon would “subserve the purposes of pacification”; the general did, however, volunteer to “waive all immunity from investigation into my conduct at Fort Pillow.”


Welcome to Solar, Fla.

You ended the article with a question. You called our city a “town.” Here is my thought: Consider the names of great cities — Rome, Athens, Chicago, London, Berlin, Atlanta, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, then Jacksonville. Yes, there are cities with long names, but the “ville” part declares the metropolis is small. Folio Weekly could host a “name the great city” contest? Take the winner to the city council.

If you want to create buzz, the contest should bring in plenty of comments. First suggestion: Solar, Fla. The sun is the center of our universe, and Florida is the Sunshine State. Of course, being a Solarian sounds like a secret society but, hey, what a way to start a conversation. Better than a “Jax-villain.”

By the way, it was a great article.

— Charles McDonald


Mediocre at Best

AG [Gancarski], I’ve noticed in the past that you really do understand this game. Very few people recognize that [Brad] Meester was a mediocre center at his best. During the last few years, he was a major detriment to the Jags’ offensive line.

— Allan Minter