Take a leap into the strange and sometimes warped twilight zone of Durden Godfrey. On January 9th, local filmmaker Durden Godfrey will show his latest production Black Matter Tomithy for one time only at Sun-Ray Cinema in Five Points at 7 pm.
Black Matter Tomithy is a nearly no-budget, genre-bending film about a man named Tomithy whose world begins to fall apart after he comes in contact with a mysterious black matter from outer space. This sets him off on a journey to save the world, and as he encounters strange, eccentric characters. The only solution he is offered is suicide and resurrection. A very tough decision during a very strange time.
Black matter is a scientific theory of a part of the universe that is hidden in another dimension. Some speculate it’s the equivalent of worm-holes or places that transcend time and lead to another portion of the galaxy. That is the quirky assumption of this film that transports beings from that domain into ours and encounter the main character.
This is a local film, shot in Jacksonville with Jacksonville talent. Godfrey is hoping that, with the support of our community, he can bring a lot of people to the premiere and be able to show off his creative film team’s hard work and potentially make a few dollars to send it off to film festivals, representing Jacksonville for the thriving art community that it is.
The producer goes one step further into the future of film and is offering a real-time online viewing experience for those who cannot attend the film’s screening at the Sun-Ray. Across the globe, and potentially the galaxy, you can stream Black Matter Tomithy live for free by going to, their online ticket ordering page through eventbrite, and registering. A link will then be sent via email. Its free, but come to think of it…how could you collect admissions from Martians anyway? The currency just won’t convert.
The Goodbread House, circa 1870 in St. Marys, GA was the setting for the filming of independent film Hopscotch where a shroud of secrecy was held over the film during pre-production. Director Kirsten Walsh would only say, “The film features just three people, but more than three bodies.” The short psycho-thriller was written by Christian Nelson.
The Goodbread House in the historic district of St. Marys served well the role of a mansion in the film with a Victorian ambience that fit perfectly into Nelson’s script. Goodbread proprietor Marja Gray said that working with the film crew was delightful, and she is looking forward to hosting future film teams.
Hopscotch is slated to be released this summer. Then Walsh will immediately go into the production of Six and Seven with filming scheduled in Coastal Georgia around September.