Pearl Jam Project (PJP3) Hits Year 3

by Joanelle Mulrain
Led by Jacksonville’s Boris Kirilloff, his Pearl Jam Tribute Band will perform the evening of January 7, at the Friday Musicale. Two years ago Kirilloff’s band performed PJP1 to raise funds for The Innocence Project, the cause to help those who were unjustly accused of crimes. This past January, he presented PJP2, benefiting The Wounded Warriors Project. This month, PJP3 will raise funds for The St. Johns Riverkeeper. His godson Preben Olsen of Aardwolf Brewery brewed a special PHP3 beer for the occasion. On event night, his band will only feature Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder songs and music, a tribute to the band and man that inspired Boris’ music life. For info and tix, call 90.923.3232 or email [email protected].