CAPRICORN: Dec. 11-17

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): “Finifugal” is a rarely used English adjective I need to invoke to give you the proper horoscope. It refers to someone who avoids or dislikes endings – like a child who doesn’t want a bedtime story to stop, or an adult in denial about how it’s finally time to wrap up long-unfinished business. You can’t afford to be finifugal in the days ahead. It’s the tail end of your cycle. It won’t be healthy to shun climaxes and denouements. Nor is it wise to merely tolerate them. You’ve got to find a way to love and embrace them. (P.S. That’s the best strategy to ensure the slow-motion eruption of vibrant beginnings after 
your birthday.)


april, 2022