Creator Registration Opens for One Spark 2014

About One Spark
One Spark, The World’s Crowdfunding Festival, is committed to fostering environments of creativity and innovation by showcasing artists, entrepreneurs and innovators from around the world for five days every spring in downtown Jacksonville, Fla. Creators are provided a platform to connect their ideas with resources to make it happen. The festival is an interactive experience that allows attendees to support ideas and projects that inspire them and decide on the next big thing. One Spark 2014 will be held April 9-13, 2014. One Spark 2014 has also been selected for A&E’s PROJECT STARTUP. To learn more or sign up to be a creator or volunteer, visit

About KYN
KYN is a relationship focused accelerator and apprenticeship program located in the heart of downtown Jacksonville, Florida. We are entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, and leaders passionate for creating impactful, sustainable companies. Visit for more information.

About STACHE Investments Corporation
In an effort to help the community, Mr. Khan formed the STACHE Investments Corporation to support business people in the area hoping to help them grow their businesses and provide new employment opportunities for people in the Greater Jacksonville area.

About EU Jacksonville

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