Creator Registration Opens for One Spark 2014

4. Securing early-stage funding. One Spark’s platform provides many avenues for helping creators connect with the financial resources they need to make their projects a reality:

One Spark 2014 has a $300,000 awards structure with a $200,000 crowdfund distributed by popular vote, $10,000 juried prizes and $10,000 prizes for top vote-getters in each of the five categories – art, innovation, music, science and technology.

Attendees or backers from anywhere in the world can directly fund creator projects through in-person crowdfunding using The project that receives the most individual contributions through the One Spark website will be awarded an additional $10,000.

Millions of dollars in potential capital investments will be available from multiple investors and venture capitalists at One Spark 2014. Last year, Shad Khan’s (owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars) investment firm, STACHE Investments, invested over $1 million in five One Spark 2013 creator projects.

5. Growing the startup ecosystem. Shortly after One Spark 2013 ended, KYN, a business accelerator and apprenticeship program backed by Shad Khan’s STACHE Investments Corporation opened its doors. KYN offers seed funding, design development, launch services and mentors to promising startups. KYN chose four promising One Spark 2013 creator projects for its inaugural class. Those KYN startups, along with One Spark and Healthbox participants, CoWork Jax members and many supporting partners continue to grow a strong startup ecosystem, laying the groundwork for more startups coming down the pipeline from all over the world.

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october, 2021