Creator Registration Opens for One Spark 2014

One Spark has created a unique platform that that provides opportunities to connect creators with the many different resources they need to be successful. From the feedback of One Spark 2013 creators, here are the top five reasons why you should enter your project into One Spark 2014:

1. Receiving immediate market feedback/validation. Last year, 130,000 people attended One Spark over the five-day festival. After One Spark 2013, 40 percent of One Spark 2013 creators surveyed cited interacting with people interested in their project as the greatest benefit of participating. Market research in real time helped validate creators’ ideas, leading some to take the next steps to make their projects a reality. Feedback, such as positive or negative reactions to a product or idea from attendees, also helped creators develop or further refine their projects.

2. Building brand awareness. Tens of thousands of attendees, bloggers, journalists and opinion leaders descend on downtown Jacksonville for the five days of One Spark, and 33 percent of 2013 creators surveyed said the additional awareness and publicity for their projects was the top benefit from One Spark 2013. One Spark 2013 creators received tens of thousands of dollars in publicity value from earned media before, during and after the festival that helped them build their brands.

3. Connecting to human capital. Creating the next big thing takes a team of dedicated and talented people. To make projects a reality, creators might need web designers, investors, promoters, video producers, social media marketers, etc. One Spark provides an event that brings creatives from all over the world together for five days, where networking and connecting opportunities abound at lounges and after hours venues. About 14 percent of One Spark 2013 creators surveyed said that connecting with other creators was the greatest benefit to participating in One Spark 2013.

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october, 2021