Creator Registration Opens for One Spark 2014

One SparkCreator registration kicked off for One Spark 2014 on Sunday, December 1, 2013 with 75 creator projects registered in the first 48 hours, a 142% increase over the same time period last year. One Spark’s website also saw a 438% increase in traffic compared to the same time period last year.

One Spark 2014 is on pace to attract well over 500 projects seeking resources to make their ideas a reality from around the world. Creator registration for One Spark 2014 began December 1, 2013 and ends January 31, 2014. Interested creators can get more information and register at

Last year, more than 900 creators with 406 different projects in the areas of art, music, science and technology participated in the inaugural One Spark, The World’s Crowdfunding Festival, where a $250,000 crowdfund was distributed and creator projects received over $1 million in investment funding and public contributions via in-person crowdfunding.