Local Books for Foodies

Local Books for Foodies

If you have a food-lover in your life, there are a number of local books that would bring a smile to their faces this holiday season.

  • Lost Restaurants of Jacksonville
  • The Keepsake Cookbook
  • The First Coast Heritage Cookbook
  • Intuition Ale Cookbook
Lost Restaurants of Jacksonville, book, Local books
Lost Restaurants of Jacksonville by Dorothy K. Fletcher has plenty of local flavor, featuring bygone eateries of Jacksonville. You’ll read about the Embers, a rotating downtown restaurant which featured the 70s flambé craze. Learn about defunct seafood joints, downtown department store restaurants and the culture of drive-ins in the 50s and 60s. While this book isn’t comprehensive, it will interest anyone into local history or food.

The Keepsake Cookbook, Belinda Hulin, book, local booksKeepsake is by Belinda Hulin, an author based in Atlantic Beach who has penned five cookbooks. But The Keepsake Cookbook isn’t actually a cookbook, despite the title. Though it includes some basic recipes, it’s more of a how-to guide for making your own keepsake cookbook. It includes tips on how to gather family recipes, pictures and other considerations. The author talks about weaving memories and recipes together, as well as digital media resources such as scrap-booking programs. Whether you’re putting together a cookbook for your family, a community, a club or a food-loving friend, The Keepsake Cookbook will be your best asset.
First Coast Heritage Cookbook, book, Jeffrey Spear, local booksThe First Coast Heritage Cookbook pulls together the major threads of North Florida cuisine from 14,000 BC to 1821. Despite the historical bent of this cookbook, it’s more of a framework. Recipes are surprisingly modern, well-spiced and make allowances for the use of modern appliances. As author Jeffrey Spear says “to insist upon open fires, minimally spiced or altogether bland recipes and questionable ingredients would not provide the level of enjoyment this book is meant to deliver.” While he might mention that indigenous Indians had manatee and bear on their menu, the recipes included are simply inspired by what they cooked, using easy-to-procure ingredients. You won’t have to run out and kill a manatee.
Cooking with Intution, local booksThere’s a lot of buzz surrounding the Intuition Ale Cookbook, a community cookbook put out by the local microbrewery, Intuition Ale. With over 80 recipes from top local chefs, home cooks and members of their staff, they’ll be in print after December 12 at their launch party or you can order from their website. At about 300 pages, the hardcover, color picture book includes craft beer basics and beer pairings. Proceeds go to Second Harvest North Florida, a nonprofit that focuses on feeding the hungry.

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