Uber Jacksonville Transportation

Uber is chic and it’s in Jacksonville!

Uber Jacksonville TransportationWhat do the many communities in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Pacific have in common with Jacksonville? Uber! If you’ve done any traveling to big cities around the world, the transportation buzz is to tap the app and order UBER – and you can now order up a private car via your Smartphone right here in Jacksonville!

Uber is a technology company that allows you to order personal transportation to your destination that provides an enjoyable, stylish, efficient and reliable car experience. In November, Jacksonville became the first city in Florida to launch the global Uber system.

“Uber is thrilled that the city of Jacksonville is the first in Florida with access to innovative, reliable, efficient and stylish transportation options at the touch of a button. This city doing big things and has a big future ahead and we are excited to be a part of it, ensuring that Jacksonville’s growth is matched by its transportation options.” states Nairi Hourdajian, global director of Public Policy and Communications for Uber Technologies, Inc.

Since their first launch in San Francisco in 2010, the Uber “black car” driven by licensed and fully insured drivers has become recognized around the world for their stylish, efficient and reliable private car service used by many business professionals, as well as those on the go who seek private transportation.

“I’m so happy to see our city being so progressive and adopting such a creative approach to our future,” said Visit Jacksonville President and CEO Paul Astleford. “To have our city listed with such a distinguished list of international destinations incorporating the Uber App service makes me proud to be in Jacksonville. From this point forward, it will be important for our community to always be asking our customer world for their continued advice about how Jacksonville can serve their needs in such a way that we can be their destination of choice.”

Astelford likes this service because it syncs well into Jacksonville’s new brand to be innovative and inventive, as it is customer centric and serves business professionals, visitors and the public at large. It is an important example of connecting technology, transportation and business in our city.

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