What You’re Thankful for

Jelena Begovic: I’m thankful for the Florida Bond Program for first-time homebuyers; it allowed me to purchase my first home – I close on the 26th! Yay!!

Laura Flemm Robertson: I’m thankful for NO SNOW!

Mary Donovan: My family, friends, my job and car to get there.

Rob Garske: I’m thankful the phrases “I think it’s sticking,” “a high of 12” and “snizzle” (snowy drizzle) are not used!

Ashley Hietpas: I’m thankful that I’m living in Jacksonville during a time of innovation, growth and positive change.

Liza McCain: I’m thankful for our large park system with its variety of opportunities for outdoor activities and the growing interest in our precious waterways.

Krysten Bennett: I’m thankful for the strong (and growing) group of community organizers who recognize the potential in our great city and are committed to leading us to the next level. #moreofthis

Vicki Smith Collins: I am thankful that the Lord wakes me up every morning … just so I can experience another day in this awesome, crazy, beautiful world with my daughters, husband, family and friends!

Cindy Platt Hammack: I’m thankful for Dr. Bijoy Telivala (Cancer Specialists of North Florida), Dr. Nicole Anderson (Florida Radiology Oncology Group) and all of their wonderful staff. They made the worst time of my life much more bearable and, at times, even a little fun. I love each and every one of them for doing all they do to help so many of us here in Jacksonville. Thanks to them, I’m still here living a life of gratitude and blessings.

Anya Aronson: I’m thankful for pumpkin everything! It lets me know that my New Year’s resolution to lose all the pumpkin goodies is [right] around the corner.

Donnie Kicklighter (@deafbyjazzhands): I’m thankful for Chamblin Bookmine. It’s a local treasure.

The Pink Cupcake: We are thankful for having a full-service cupcake shop in Downtown Jacksonville at The Landing and for how the city is embracing our food trucks as we start out in in the food truck business! Downtown is growing and changing for the better, despite the negative publicity!