Varick Rosete Is Thankful for the ‘Firestarters’

I am thankful for the passionate people of Jacksonville — the “firestarters.” These are the people who have been inspired to take action and do. These are the people who are helping change the perception of the city. Much like many pseudo-metropolitan-type cities, Jacksonville has a wealth of talent and entrepreneurial spirit. All too often, though, that talent and spirit end up leaving due to lack of support, resources, connectivity, etc.

But the great realization is that there is support here in Jacksonville. There are resources out there. All that needed to happen was help facilitating the connection of these elements. Sure, the talent could easily leave and find a home in a bigger, established market, but wouldn’t it be great to help create and build it? The potential for the city to become a thriving cultural experience, a technological resource and an economical support system is too great to pass up.

The city of Jacksonville was once on its way up until the Great Fire of 1901 burned it all down. The city rebuilt itself, but the passion and drive to make the city great seemed to have burned with that fire. It’s time, though, for the new entrepreneurial spirit of Jacksonville to metaphorically burn the city down once again so that it can be rebuilt into the great city that it can be. Nationalism on a local level is happening. Connections are being made, and passion is running rampant in the city. I applaud all of those who said, “Hell, yes! I can do that here! I can build it here … in Jacksonville!”