Oct. 23 Mail: Corrine Brown and the ‘Big Game’

Corrine Brown Is No ‘Wacko’

I know we are in a time where opinion rules; blogs, Yahoo “articles” and Wikipedia have taken the place of the type of journalism where one actually does research — and they all have their place. But I would hold an actual newspaper to a higher standard and would hope that all of the writing wouldn’t be based solely on opinion instead of fact.

In reference to your Best of Jax issue [“Royal Treatment,” Oct. 9], you named Corrine Brown “Local Zero, Best Wacko.” I know this is supposed to be funny and it might’ve been if your staff writer [Ron Word] hadn’t attempted to use two very troubling local issues to validate her “wacko” status. Sure she doesn’t have a great wig collection or always use her verb tenses correctly, but she is far from crazy on both these issues.

If you really think someone being sentenced to 20 years for shooting a gun up in the air — harming no one — is rational, you and that judge should join Brown on the “wacko” list. If this were rational, prisons would be full of people who shot their guns straight into the air on the Fourth of July. There are actual violent offenders who have received less harsh sentencing. Also, do you believe that a minority population (African-American) that comprises less than 20 percent of the total American population and (according to the BOP website) 37.1 percent of prison inmates doesn’t speak to a serious issue? Be it vast and sweeping institutionalized racism or not, there is a problem with the justice system and sentencing guidelines.

Concerning the election office issue Brown commented upon: Considering voters rights controversies that have cropped up around the country in the past year that appear to target a very specific minority demographic, can you really blame Brown for speaking out against removing an early voting location from a predominantly African-American area? Our present political climate would not leave Brown’s accusations completely unfounded.

Like her or not, agree with her or not, Brown has brought much needed attention to two issues that are presently affecting our community as a whole and is not a “wacko” for doing so.

Tracie Thornton


Editor’s note: The Best of Jax awards represent the results of our readers’ poll and our readers’ opinions. Folio Weekly’s staff does not select these awards. Because we do not know the reasons readers make their selections, we write about the issues and events with which the winners were involved in the past year. The blurb about Brown contained no opinion.


Jacksonville’s Not Ready for ‘Big Game’

You are so correct: Rick Catlett is a nice, hardworking guy, but — come on, be honest — Jacksonville has no chance to host a national championship game [“Allure of the Big Game,” Oct. 2]. He will never admit that and will go on the radio spouting all the propaganda about this, but WE SIMPLY DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH HOTEL ROOMS TO SUPPORT THIS. That is a fact. When the Super Bowl was played here, they brought in cruse ships, and people were bussed to and from tiny cabins on the ships and it was a disaster.

Why would anyone come to Jacksonville, and perhaps stay in a flea bag motel and sit in an old broken down stadium (that will soon be the oldest in the NFL) when they could go to New Orleans, Atlanta, Phoenix, Dallas, Indianapolis, Miami and so on? Is there any reason to believe him? No.

He said on the radio this week only 17,000 tickets would be sold locally. Seating is 84,000, so WHERE IN THE HELL ARE THE 67,000 VISITORS GOING TO SLEEP?

Lets face it, this is a big “small town” with nothing for visitors to do and nowhere to go, so lets put this “Big Game” thing to bed; it is not even close.

Keep up your good work. 

Jim Goodwin

Ponte Vedra Beach