Escape Plan

by Jewel Harrell
Dry your tears prison break fans, if you are still heartbroken and mourning the loss of the Prison Break TV show that aired its last season and final episode in 2009, you’re going to love this! Escape Plan is filled with thrills that will have you once again rooting for the so called bad guys in this fall box office smash!
Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger are at it again and holding nothing back. Despite their love hate relationship in The Expendables, (2010). These two veteran actors, that some call “old timers”, are showing they still have what it takes to make a great, super engaging, high impact movie, that mom and dad can enjoy.
Ray Breslin, (Stallone) is a billionaire tycoon and genius that moonlights as a prisoner for hire. He is an expert on prison break methods, who has proven he is the Houdini of penitentiary and wrote the book on it.
He is commissioned by unknown sources to test a high tech secret prototype prison and courageously accepts the task but in a twist of events find himself in a fight for his life and freedom. Once inside this futuristic prison nicknamed “the tomb” he teams up with Emil Rottmayer (Schwarzenegger), who is a comical inmate with a humorous flare for the dramatic that will tickle your funny bone, as well as, have you bracing yourself for his next move. In this Terminator meets Rambo, with a futuristic Tango and Cash twist, this dynamic, tough duo demonstrates they’ve both still got it.
Hush, played by Curtis Jackson a.k.a. Rapper 50 cent, is a techno thug , who trades in his microphone for a computer and shows that he is more than your average street thug. He’s a highly intelligent, brainiac employed by Ray Breslin that without question has his bosses back and by any means necessary. When Ray goes off the grid, Hush and Abigail (Amy Ryan) will stop at nothing to find their boss and bring him home.
Jim Caviezel, who had the starring role of Jesus in the 2004 film, Passion of Christ; trades his holy robe and crown for the dark, dirty role of Warden Hobbs, who runs the secret prison facility.
This breakout film directed Mikael Håfström is sure to have you breaking out of your seats. Hold on to your popcorn!